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Federal law enforcement, including the FBI, ATF, DEA and the United States Attorneys in Michigan, investigate and prosecute allegations of violent crimes ranging from assault to murder. Although there is no death penalty in Michigan state courts, federal prosecutors can ask for the death penalty where there has been a death as the result of a federal crime. Other penalties can be up to life in prison. Our attorneys have successfully obtained dismissal of a federal death penalty charge and have successfully defended a federal prosecution against the death penalty, United States v. O’Reilly, 2010. 

If you or someone you know is the subject of an investigation for one of these serious offenses or has been charged in federal court, you should contact an experienced and tested attorney at Gurewitz & Raben, PLC, familiar with federal law enforcement procedures and the federal criminal justice system. Contact us online or at (313) 488-4422.

Federal Violent Crimes in Michigan

Some of the violent crimes for which we have represented individuals charged in federal court include: 

  • §2113 bank robbery including death of a guard 
  • §1959 Violent Crimes in Aid of Racketeering 
  • §1962 RICO " §1958 murder for hire 
  • §2261A interstate stalking " § 924( c) use of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence 
  • § 844( i) use of an explosive device

The stakes in a case involving any of these laws is serious. You need a serious experienced lawyer to conduct a thorough investigation, assess facts and legal issues and engage effective experts to present an aggressive defense. Contact one of our skilled lawyers about your case. Contact us on line or by phone at (313) 488-4422.

  • People v. Peeler, Michigan Supreme Court Case No. 163672 Favorable Outcome
  • Carpenter v. United States, 138 S Ct 2206 (2018) Favorable Outcome
  • Calhoun v. United States Appealed
  • Jefferson v. United States Appealed

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