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Drug arrests are common in both state and federal courts. If you are arrested for one of these, effective representation from the outset is important. Penalties can be harsh. Federal felony convictions cannot be expunged. Experienced representation can help direct your to the best outcome. 

Gurewitz & Raben, PLC has the professional experience you need for a thorough and aggressive defense. We examine all the circumstances of your arrest, the search of your house or car and the conduct of officers. We know what to examine and how to develop legal strategies that can put in a position for the best possible outcome for your case, including trial where necessary. 

Before you talk to law enforcement, call Gurewitz & Raben, PLC for a free consultation with one of our Detroit drug crime attorneys by at (313) 488-4422 or by email today.

Drug Crimes in Michigan

Federal and State Drug Crimes can include: 

  • Possession or possession with intent to distribute 
  • Conspiracy 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Continuing criminal enterprise 
  • Forfeiture 

Drugs may include marijuana, cocaine - powder or crack, heroin, methamphetamine, or prescription controlled substances including pain medications not possessed for a valid medical purpose. 

Penalties are serious. Some are mandatory. Felony offenses can affect your future ability to obtain professional licenses

Get proven professional guidance from a Detroit drug crime defense lawyer by contacting Gurewitz & Raben, PLC today. 

  • People v Peeler, 509 Mich 381 (2022) Favorable Outcome
  • United States v. Garcia, 143 F Supp2d 279 (ED MI 2000) Favorable Outcome
  • Carpenter v United States, 138 S Ct 2206 (2018) Favorable Outcome

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