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Public corruption investigations and prosecutions focus on allegations that elected or appointed officials and those who do business with them have used their positions for personal gain. These cases concern allegations that officials in positions of power have exchanged decisions on matters ranging from elections to contract awards for money or other things of value. In Michigan, state or local law enforcement agencies even may complain that a law enforcement officers or an administrator for a state or local agency has committed a crime by violating a duty required by his or her job. 

At Gurewitz & Raben, PLC, our team has represented individuals in positions ranging from high-level elected officials to government employees as well as private persons who have been accused as participants in corrupt activities. 

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More About Public Corruption

Investigations of public corruption may include subpoenas issued to obtain records and testimony in grand jury investigations, search warrants to collect computers or emails from internet providers and sometimes wiretaps to secretly intercept wire communications. 

These violations can be prosecuted in federal court. For example: 

  • Bribery — 18 USC § 201 that prohibits giving and receiving something of value involving a public official
  • Fraud – 18 USC § 1341 and 1343 that prohibit fraud that uses the mail or wire communications 
  • State or local fraud or bribery – 18 USC § 666 authorizes federal prosecutors to investigate and prosecute fraud and bribery at the local level when there is evidence federal funds are impacted 

State laws may be used: 

  • Fraud – MCL 750.505 punishes breach of duty by a public official as a common law crime

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  • People v Peeler, 509 Mich 381 (2022) Favorable Outcome
  • United States v. Garcia, 143 F Supp2d 279 (ED MI 2000) Favorable Outcome
  • Carpenter v United States, 138 S Ct 2206 (2018) Favorable Outcome

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